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About Matsuba Factory

Matsuba Factory is

a foundry wood mold manufacturing company based in Fuchu City, Hiroshima Prefecture, boasting a legacy of nearly 75 years. Our expertise lies in the precise processing of wood and meticulous manual finishing.


High-precision wooden products crafted using precision machining techniques

We primarily focus on crafting wooden molds for the casting of automotive engine parts and the maintenance of molds. Despite the challenges posed by the rapid advancement of technology, such as CAD/CAM and the proliferation of 3D printers, we have successfully navigated through these changes and emerged stronger than ever.



Carry forward our time-honored techniques into the future

However, recent developments have posed challenges to the perpetuation of traditional manual processing, meticulous finishing, and the precise machining techniques inherent in older yet simple and accurate machinery. In response, we have endeavored to preserve these techniques in a modern context. Leveraging our expertise in precision machining, we have developed and are offering wooden iPhone cases and wooden AirPods Pro cases as a means to carry forward these time-honored techniques into the future.


Hirokazu Matsuba

Deputy Representative responsible for crafting Matsuba Factory's original wooden products.
Former SE with certification in Applied Information Technology Engineer Examination.



HHKB Exclusive


Wooden Palm Rest & Keyboard Roof


HHKB Studio Exclusive



Generic Type


Wooden Palm Rest "Matsu 2"

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