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Generic type “Kikkou-Naguri”
Wooden Palm Rest “Matsu 2”

Skilled artisans meticulously craft from premium solid wood.

Artisans carefully chisel each piece from high-quality solid wood such as walnut and black cherry.

The subtle undulations of their hand-carved work create an exquisite texture when touched.

Inserting ebony panels on both side edges, we ensure durability while exuding luxury.

We have packed our woodworking expertise, cultivated since our establishment in 1948, without reservation.

Examples of usage

You can use it for Full-size Keyboard, Tenkeyless Keyboard, 60% Keybaord, and even Split Keyboard or Trackpad.

Matsuba Factory

Located in the city of Fuchu, Hiroshima Prefecture, known for its craftsmanship, "Matsuba Factory" specializes in precision woodworking, particularly in creating wooden molds for car engine parts.
In 2011, leveraging their advanced skills, they introduced a series of wooden iPhone cases,

each with its own unique expression, marking Matsuba Factory's debut into original wooden products.
Their original wooden products, created through analog processes wood, tradition, craftsmanship,

and technology, have expanded beyond iPhone cases to include products like

the "Kikkou-Naguri"  Palm rest and more.
Matsuba Factory prides itself on manufacturing small batches of high-quality products,

ensuring customer satisfaction.

Continuing to inherit Japan's traditional craftsmanship and skilled artisans' techniques while embracing new ideas, Matsuba Factory is committed to delivering wooden products beloved by all.

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