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“HHKB Studio” Exclusive Products

Products Developed Specifically for HHKB Studio Professional Users

The special keyboard, 'HHKB Studio' is designed for professional users seeking the ultimate typing experience. Continuing the tradition of HHKB, the 'HHKB Studio' integrates mouse functionality and a gesture pad into its compact design, enhancing your work efficiency.

Furthermore, Matsuba Factory's new product line has been thoughtfully developed to maximize the capabilities of this keyboard.


We aim to be the best partner to support the creative work of professional users like you.

Developing a new product that began by abandoning previous concepts

The 'HHKB Studio' developed under the leadership of the US team, is heavier and larger compared to the traditional HHKB, seemingly not designed for portability.

By starting with the concept of abandoning previous notions, the new product was developed without incorporating a roof function and with a depth of 80mm, resulting in a compact and user-friendly design that pairs perfectly with the HHKB Studio.

Additionally, 6mm thick striped ebony plates are embedded on both sides to the corners, adding robustness and a sense of luxury.

Furthermore, the length remains the same at 294mm, ensuring versatility for use with traditional HHKB models.

The concept of the “Guide”

The 'Gesture Pad' a concept central to HHKB Studio's pinnacle functionality, is a touch-sensitive sensor integrated to facilitate intuitive analog adjustments like swift screen transitions and volume control.

Designed to maximize this feature, the "Gesture Pad Guide" enables dramatic improvement in operation simply by tracing the Gesture Pad with your thumb, placed conveniently in front of the HHKB Studio.

The "Gesture Pad Guide" currently pending patent, introduces an entirely new concept that allows users to find their preferred position by adjusting its orientation and flipping it. Its smooth touch, crafted from premium wood, undoubtedly enhances your work efficiency.

Using them together makes for a more convenient and efficient experience

To make the most efficient use of the HHKB Studio, it's undeniable that using the "80mm depth Palm Rest" and the "Gesture Pad Guide" together is an effective method.

This is because placing the palm rest in front of the HHKB Studio can interfere with the gesture pad, making it inconvenient to use.

When you place any other palm rest with the "Gesture Pad Guide" in between, the user experience is expected to dramatically improve.

Furthermore, imagine the experience of using the "Kikkou-Naguri - Wooden Palm Rest," handcrafted by artisans, in conjunction with it.

It's sure to be an exquisite experience for you. That's because we created it with that hope in mind.