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For a More Comfortable Typing Experience


HHKB Studio Exclusive "Kikkou-Naguri Wooden Palm Rest"


This is a "Kikkou-Naguri Wooden Palm Rest" designed exclusively for the premium keyboard "HHKB Studio" manufactured by PFU. It is meticulously crafted using the traditional "Kikkou-Naguri" technique, which is a tortoiseshell carving technique, ensuring a luxurious tactile experience when resting your hands.


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Custom-Made for You

Please be aware that all our products are made to order, and production begins upon receiving your order. Due to high demand, delivery typically takes between 7 to 9 weeks from the date of order placement. However, delivery times may vary depending on order volume. We appreciate your patience and understanding.


Complimentary Beeswax Cream

As a token of appreciation, we offer a 10g beeswax cream for maintenance purposes with every purchase. Applying the beeswax cream enhances the texture of the tortoiseshell pattern, adding to its aesthetic appeal.


About Matsuba Factory

Matsuba Factory is a Foundry Wood Mold Manufacturing company based in Fuchu City, Hiroshima Prefecture, boasting a legacy of nearly 75 years. Our expertise lies in the precise processing of wood and meticulous manual finishing. We primarily focus on crafting wooden molds for the casting of automotive engine parts and the maintenance of molds. Despite the challenges posed by the rapid advancement of technology, such as CAD/CAM and the proliferation of 3D printers, we have successfully navigated through these changes and emerged stronger than ever.


However, recent developments have posed challenges to the perpetuation of traditional manual processing, meticulous finishing, and the precise machining techniques inherent in older yet simple and accurate machinery. In response, we have endeavored to preserve these techniques in a modern context. Leveraging our expertise in precision machining, we have developed and are offering wooden iPhone cases and wooden AirPods Pro cases as a means to carry forward these time-honored techniques into the future.


Product Features


- Crafted by a wooden mold manufacturing company with a 75-year history.

These specialists are renowned for crafting molds for automotive engine parts casting, demanding top-notch quality, using wood.


- Utilizes unique facilities for wooden mold manufacturing.

Specializing in precision, each item is meticulously shaped to exact specifications from initial blueprints. Although not suitable for mass production, each piece is carefully sculpted using wood CNC machines calibrated to 0.01mm increments.


- Made from premium wood materials.

Offered in Walnut and Black Cherry variants, these woods are commonly utilized in upscale furniture manufacturing. Utilizing wood of the same caliber sourced local famous manufacturing of furniture from Fuchu City, Hiroshima Prefecture, the resulting products exhibit a luxurious aesthetic.


- Crafted entirely from solid wood.

Utilizing the aforementioned premium wood materials, each product is meticulously processed and assembled to ensure exceptional quality and durability.


- All-natural colors.

No artificial coloring is used in the production process, allowing the natural beauty of the wood to shine through in every piece.


- Hand-finished.

Each product undergoes meticulous hand polishing and finishing, a testament to Matsuba Factory's expertise in manual wood processing. This ensures that every item is crafted with precision and care.


- Oil finish. (walnut)

An oil finish using safe Livos Ardvos oil, compliant with high-end solid wood furniture standards, is applied. Unlike urethane finishes that may inhibit wood breathing, the oil finish allows the wood to maintain its natural characteristics and texture, providing a rich sensory experience.


- Urethane Coating. (Maple)

Maple is naturally light in color and prone to staining, so it is finished with a urethane coating.


- Safe and reliable oil.

We use "Livos Ardvos," a transparent penetrating oil specifically designed for broadleaf trees. This oil provides excellent water repellency and enhances the wood grain with a silky sheen. It deeply penetrates the wood while maintaining its ability to breathe, thanks to its high oxygen permeability. The finish achieves a soft matte appearance. Additionally, it has been certified to meet the German standard (DINEN 71 part 3), ensuring its safety for use.


- Finished with beeswax cream.

Our products are finished with beeswax cream sourced from "Oyama Seizai" in Toyama Prefecture. The application of this cream noticeably improves the texture of the wood, allowing for enjoyable maintenance and care by yourself.


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- Product Dimensions: Height 16mm / Width 294mm / Depth 110mm

- Weight: Approximately 250g

- Material: Natural Wood (Walnut / Maple), Inserted wood parts(Ebony)


While our product is crafted to minimize warping, it remains vulnerable to warping, deformation, or damage from environmental conditions or impacts. This is a characteristic of wood and reflects its living nature. We kindly request the purchase of those who understand and accept these precautions. We sincerely appreciate your understanding.


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HHKB Studio Exclusive “Kikkou-Naguri” Wooden Palm Rest

  • - This product is specifically designed for use with HHKB Studio keyboards.

    - This product does not have a keyboard rood function.

    - While efforts have been made to minimize warping during processing, wood's natural properties may cause warping or deformation over time or due to environmental changes.

    - Dropping or impacts may result in damage to the product.

    - Repair services for this product are available at a fee (basic repair fee: 4,400 JPY). Customers are responsible for shipping costs to and from our facility.

    - The product is furnished with anti-slip sheets on the bottom. Should these sheets become detached, please contact us for sending the sheets.

    - Please be aware that this product does not come with a warranty period. All repairs, except for initial defects, will incur charges.

    - We disclaim responsibility for any damage, loss, malfunction, or other issues related to third-party products resulting from the use of this product.

    - Product specifications, prices, etc., are subject to change without prior notice. Thank you for your understanding.

“Kikkou-Naguri” Wooden Palm Rest