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HHKB Exclusive type “Kikkou-Naguri”  
Wooden Palm Rest & Keyboard Roof

Handcrafted Luxurious HHKB Exclusive
Wooden Palm Rest & Keyboard Roof from solid wood planks


Palm Rest

- Crafted wooden palm rest specifically  designed for HHKB, compatible with other keyboards as well.

- Features a 4-degree incline and a large R on the front side for enhanced comfort during typing.

- Equipped with anti-slip pads on the bottom at four points.


"Kikkou- Naguri"  Finishing

- Utilizes the traditional Japanese technique known as "Kikkou-Naguri" ;a Tortoiseshell Carving technique, for surface treatment, meticulously chiseled by skilled artisans.

- Delivers exquisite tactile sensation with a beautifully raised tortoiseshell pattern.


Keyboard Roof

- Can be exclusively used as a wooden keyboard roof for HHKB, supporting the "reverse-mounted space key" specification.


Compact Design

- Can be made compact by securing with rubber bands (rubber bands not included).



- Designed for easy carrying due to its compact design.


Elaborate Packaging

- Stylish packaging with a gimmick that resembles a pine bonsai upon sliding.

- Features thick paper of the same color on the inner surface of the outer packaging.

- Imagines the traditional Japanese "Shochikubai ;Pine, Bamboo, Cherry" symbols to convey auspiciousness and good fortune.


Wood Species Selection

- Choose from two wood species: Natural Black Cherry (top of the image) or Dark Walnut (bottom of the image).


Premium Solid Wood

- Crafted from premium solid wood typically used in high-end furniture.


Precision Cut

- Cut with precision down to 0.01mm increments.


Patient Straightening

- Thin rods meticulously refined over time to achieve a straightened finish.

- Ensures high-quality finish with precision to 0.01mm accuracy.


Secure Bonding

- Utilizes instant adhesive for wood molds, ensuring each piece is firmly fixed.

- Enhances adhesion with nail scratches on the bonding surface.

- Secured from two directions for gap-free bonding.


Precision to Specifications

- Cut to fit perfectly with HHKB.

- Ensures clean edges even during adhesion.


4-Degree Incline

- Adding a 4-degree incline on the front side enhances typing comfort.

- Utilizing traditional chisels passed down through generations used in mold making.


Skilled “Kikko-Naguri”

- With 50 years of experience, skilled craftsmen meticulously carves each piece by hand.

- Inserts chisels vertically to the wood grain to achieve the desired tortoiseshell pattern.

- Old machinery and techniques used in local specialty high-end wedding furniture are applied.


Large Carve on the Front Edge of the Palm Rest

- Enlarging the Crave on the front edge enhances hand placement comfort.


Oil and Beeswax Finish

- Applied with safe furniture oil and finished with beeswax cream.

- Enhances the richness of the wood grain and texture.


Urethane Finish

- Maple is white and gets dirty easily, so it is painted with urethane.


Charm of Natural Materials

- Features unique characteristics such as black spots and streaks inherent in natural materials.

- Fits comfortably in the hand over time, allowing enjoyment of aging changes.

PFU Direct's "HHKB Life" featured our product.

Matsuba Factory produces cool wooden products using high-precision processing technology.
What new products follow the tortoiseshell chestnut finish palm rest?

29. Jun. 2023

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